Running and supplying some of the busiest cafés and restaurants in the country keeps us in touch with what’s important in café supply – retaining a loyal customer base, attracting new customers and maintaining quality.

We’ve spent the last 30 years selecting, roasting, cupping and blending some of the best coffees the world has to offer. Along with four great blends, including New Zealand’s favourite Primo, we can get our hands on some pretty special single origins. Once we’ve had a chance to get to know you, together we can work out which brew(s) will be right for you and your customers.

For you to provide your customers with a first-rate experience, it’s vital that your baristas are trained to the highest standards. Our team of account managers are trained regularly by our Coffee Specialist David Green – World Barista Championship judge and SCAA-certified instructor – to ensure they’re up-to-speed with industry practices. David can offer more intensive training and support for your barista if they would like to further cultivate their barista skills or enter the New Zealand Barista Championship.

We have specialised training rooms in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin that are equipped with the latest espresso machines and grinders. We also offer training on-site across the country.

We are the New Zealand distributor of commercial espresso machines by internationally-renowned Italian manufacturers Rocket Espresso Milano and Wega. We also import the Italian-crafted Mazzer coffee grinders. An industry leader for nearly sixty years, Mazzer commercial grinders are prized for their functionality, durability and style.

We are happy to work with your design plan to find the best machines to fit your needs.

Clean and well-maintained equipment is essential to deliver optimal results. Our account managers and technicians run a regular maintenance cycle to help keep your machinery in top shape.

We offer technical support after-hours, at weekends and during public holidays too for any emergencies that crop up along the way. All our technicians are able to carry out extensive repairs on-site. If the job’s too large, we have repair workshops in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. By having a comprehensive in-house technical team, we’re able to offer our customers peace of mind – when the proverbial hits the fan, you won’t be out of action for long.

For more information on how we can help you, contact us on info@laffare.co.nz