Introducing: Frutti

Introducing our new, limited-edition blend, Frutti! It’s the first in our Flavour Wheel Series and boasts a wonderfully complex and balanced profile. True to its name, Frutti is delightfully fruity.

Our roasters suggest trying Frutti as a filter coffee using soft brew methods like Chemex, V60, or AeroPress. (Need some equipment? We’ve got you covered). A longer and slower extraction method helps to highlight the unique flavour characteristics.

We believe in enjoying coffee your way so if you prefer adding milk or sugar, go ahead! Just know that the flavours might vary a bit from the bag description when compared with black coffee.

Take your time to enjoy the coffee throughout the temperature range. As the coffee cools down you may notice how some flavours become more prominent. That’s the magic of coffee.

Available in whole beans and plunger/filter grind – also ranged in selected Woolworths stores and at New World and Pak n Save stores in the North Island.

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What is the Flavour Wheel Series?

Tammy Davis joined Dave Green, our Coffee Specialist at our roastery to talk about the new Flavour Wheel Series, Watch to find out more about Frutti and to see a Chemex at home demo.


We’ve created the L’affare Flavour Wheel, a super simple and easy to navigate version of the Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel. The original was created in the 90s by the Specialty Coffee Association and is often used in the world of specialty coffee to describe the unique characteristics of coffee.

We’ve cut the complexity so that it’s easy for everyday consumers and coffee drinkers to understand.

Our Flavour Wheel Series will take you on a journey around the wheel, exploring a variety of tasting notes. You’ll get the chance to try a diverse range of coffees from different origins, each with its own processing methods and roasting profiles. Join us in discovering new flavours and expand your coffee palate with us.

Frutti in the making

When our roasters envisioned Frutti, they aimed to create a coffee that truly highlights fruit-forward flavours. To achieve this, they experimented with various coffees and roasting techniques to enhance the coffee’s inherent qualities. As we like to say, the coffee chooses its own flavour path.

Frutti is a blend of two unique coffees from different regions in Papua New Guinea. While each coffee is exceptional on its own, blending them brings out even more distinct flavours. We roast each coffee differently to achieve the perfect flavour profile. The level of roasting significantly impacts the natural flavours, and through a carefully tailored roasting process, we bring the most desirable flavours to the forefront.


Lamari Washed (named after the Lamari River that flows through Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands)

Region: Eastern Highlands

Sub region: Obura-Wonenara District

Station: Lamari River Valley Coffee Gardens

Owner: Various smallholder farmers

Process: Washed

Baroida Estate Washed (Named after a spirit living in a large, steadfast river rock)

Farm: Baroida Estate

Owner: Colbran Family

Region: Eastern Highlands

Process: Washed

Frutti hits the streets

To celebrate the launch, we took Frutti to the streets in Wellington to see what you thought. It’s safe to say we found some Frutti Fans.

Grab a Free Bag of Frutti promo

The ‘Grab a Free Bag of Frutti’ promo commences on Friday 5th July 2024 & ends on Monday 29th July 2024 (“Promotion Period”) and is only available at L’affare Newmarket (Address: 22 Melrose Street, Newmarket, Auckland 1023). To be eligible to receive a free bag of Frutti, each customer must mention or show the Facebook or Instagram ad to the café staff at L’affare Newmarket on a Monday or Friday in July. The offer does not apply on any other day of the week. There is a limit of one bag per customer of either Frutti whole beans or plunger/filter. Bags are not redeemable for cash. A maximum of 20 bags including whole beans and plunger/filter will be given away on each day.

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