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Roasters’ Cup – Kenya Rianjagi 


The Roasters’ Cup is the epitome of the roasters’ craft: sourced from some of the world’s most interesting coffee plantations and roasted at our Auckland and Wellington cafes in small-batch roasters. These coffees are roasted light to medium by our roasters to heighten the unique and special characteristics that the varietal and location bring.

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Our Roasters’ Cup for the month of May is the Kenya Rianjagi.

Aromas that hint of tobacco and blackcurrant give highlight to how clean and crisp this coffee will be. Once brewed the blackcurrant flavours come to the front with a delicate mix of cranberries and cream. The body slowly develops becoming round and smooth providing great balance to the cleansing fruit like acidity. This coffee finishes well with a lingering, light black tea note.

On the North Eastern slopes of Mount Kenya in the Embu North district you’ll find the farmers of the Rianjagi Cooperative. Coffee was first planted in the region in 1950 and hybrid varietals were developed with drought and disease resilience. The volcanic soils of Mount Kenya combined with the high altitude allow for amazing coffee growth that produces bright and clean characteristics.

The farmers use selective hand picking methods to bring only red-ripe cherries to the wet mill for processing on the same day. Further sorting is then carried out at the mill to separate the ripe cherries from the under ripe, overripe and foreign matter. The wet mill utilizes clean river water that is recirculated after use then fed into seepage pits (this helps to filter the water on its way back into the ground water system). After the wet mill, the parchment is sun dried on raised African beds before being delivered to the dry mill for final processing.



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