Roasters’ Cup – Ethiopia Kochere 200g

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The Roasters’ Cup is the epitome of the roasters’ craft: sourced from some of the world’s most interesting coffee plantations and roasted at our Auckland and Wellington cafes in small-batch roasters. These coffees are roasted to heighten the unique and special characteristics that the varietal and location bring.

For this month’s Roasters’ Cup we bring you not one, but two coffees. They are the same coffee, processed using both washed and natural methods. This provides an opportunity to taste how the processing method can impact the final flavour in the cup – we recommend you try them both, side by side, so you can see how different the same coffee can be.

Taste Notes:
Ethiopia Kochere Natural – Stone fruit, strawberry and maple syrup with a lingering sweet stone fruit aftertaste
Ethiopia Kochere Washed – Blackcurrant, blackberry and vanilla with a black tea and vanilla spice aftertaste


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