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Roasters’ Cup – Luis Anibal Caturron


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The Roasters’ Cup is the epitome of the roasters’ craft: sourced from some of the world’s most interesting coffee plantations and roasted at our Auckland and Wellington cafes in small-batch roasters. These coffees are roasted light to medium by our roasters to heighten the unique and special characteristics that the varietal and location bring.

Our Roasters’ Cup for the month of June is the Luis Anibal Caturron.

This month’s coffee has been grown and processed by Luis Anibal Calderon and his family at Finca Villa Betulia located in the municipality of Acevedo in southern Huila – Colombia. It grows at an altitude of 1500-1600 MASL, with daytime temperatures of 18-24°C that are slightly lower than the regional average. This leads to the kind of slow coffee cherry maturation that increases sugar content and a produces a sweeter cup profile.

This microlot is 100% Caturron. Growers started planting Caturron initially for its resistance to leaf rust and high yield but have more recently discovered its unique and desirable cup profile. Luis has chosen to leave the cherry on the tree for as long as possible only picking when they reach a dark purple colour. He has also developed a carefully controlled processing method using a 17 hour dry fermentation before pulping and then slow drying on African beds in parabolic dryers – a process referred to as Black Honey. This well-structured coffee can best be described as strawberry jam on buttered wholegrain toast. The lingering aftertaste is pleasantly drying like sweet black tea and will be well suited to all brewing methods.

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