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Roasters’ Cup – DRC Rebuild Women’s Hope Lot. 1. 


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The Roasters’ Cup is the epitome of the roasters’ craft: sourced from some of the world’s most interesting coffee plantations and roasted at our Auckland and Wellington cafes in small-batch roasters. These coffees are roasted light to medium by our roasters to heighten the unique and special characteristics that the varietal and location bring.

Our Roasters’ Cup for the month of November is the DRC Rebuild Women’s Hope Lot. 1.

This months coffee originates from Idjwi Island situated on Lake Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although having optimal growing conditions for coffee, this area has historically suffered from a lack of quality production due to a lack of markets, poor training and access to finance. This started to change in 2015 when Coffeelac built the first RWH South Idjwi Washing Station, which produced its first container of coffee in 2016.
Rebuild women’s hope, (RWH) was started by Marceline Budza. She was inspired to create RWH to help women take charge of their lives and respond to the daily suffering, persecution, poverty and violation of rights she saw women face in her society.

Profits from the sale of the coffee are used by RWH to support economic empowerment programs and other revenue generating activities for the women farmers of Idjwi. Today, RWH has expanded to 1,800 members growing high-quality coffee. In this lot 1, expect fragrant notes of apple, cranberry and nougat when ground, with aroma of black currants steeped. Crisp clean flavours of ripe apple, cranberries with a hint of strawberry especially as it cools. Aftertaste of light black tea. Silky high citrus acidity that becomes juicy, with a light and rounded body.


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