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Roasters’ Cup – Indonesia Frinsa Ateng Super


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The Roasters’ Cup is the epitome of the roasters’ craft: sourced from some of the world’s most interesting coffee plantations and roasted at our Auckland and Wellington cafes in small-batch roasters. These coffees are roasted light to medium by our roasters to heighten the unique and special characteristics that the varietal and location bring.

Our Roasters’ Cup for the month of April is the Indonesia Frinsa Ateng Super.

Wildan and Atieq Mustofa started their first coffee project in Sindangkerta, Weninggalih area in 2010. This later became the main growing area for the farm Frinsa Estate. Since the first year of production, Wildan has aimed to focus on quality which requires meticulous attention to detail over all aspects of the processes. While the majority of Indonesian producers are doing wet hulled coffees, even for speciality, Wildan is focusing on fully washed process. They have a wet mill and a well ventilated storage space along with a dry mill. This means they are in full control of their product from harvest to grading, sorting and shipment.This attention and care shows in the cup with a fragrance of raspberry and jasmine when ground and aromas of sweet orange and raspberry jam when steeped.

Expect flavours of candied orange, raspberry jam and lavender followed by a sweet orange marmalade aftertaste. The acidity is is smooth medium and lime like, complementing a light honeyed body. This coffee displays balance and complexity not always found in coffees from Indonesia and is at its best when soft brewed.

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