Fresh Packaging

We’re launching a fresh look into supermarkets across the country. We’ve waved goodbye to Enzo, the moustachioed face of the L’affare brand since 1994, and brought our people and places to life through a series of colourful and eclectic artworks – each wrapped around one of our 200g and 500g retail packs of fresh roasted coffee.

The eight works have been imagined and created by talented and diversely skilled New Zealand artists at various stages of their creative careers, each with a connection to L’affare. Every artist was paired and worked in collaboration with a L’affare muse or subject. Their mission: to bring their subject’s larger-than-life, one-of-a-kind personalities and stories to life through their chosen medium and with their own unique style.

Find out more about the art and artists behind the fresh look at

As part of the refresh, we’ve made the move to soft plastic packaging which, along with keeping our coffee fresh and tasty, is recyclable through The Packaging Forum’s Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme. Soft plastic collected through the Scheme from participating retailers nationwide is processed by The Packaging Forum’s partners Future Post and Second Life Plastics and turned into new products like fence posts and products for your garden.

Top tips for recycling your soft plastics

  • 1. Give the bag a quick rinse with fresh water
  • 2. Turn it inside out and let it dry
  • 3. Drop it off to your local Soft Plastic Collection Point to be recycled