We love coffee but we also love art. And we love Wellington, the city we were born and grew up in, where creativity abounds. That’s a lot of love we’re loving. And it’s all wrapped up neatly in the gold L’affare coffee packs you see on your supermarket shelf.

Each pack features a unique artwork, created by one of the talented people close to L’affare and inspired by one of our team. From painters, creators, illustrators and animators, and from roasters, packers, dispatchers and baristas, our artist friends and their L’affare muses have collaborated to make something we think is quite beautiful. And a little bit interesting.

Plus, the packs don’t only look good they also do better. They’re all made from recyclable soft plastic. So as well as keeping the inside coffee fresh and tasty, they’re fully recyclable through The Packaging Forum’s Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme. Find out how you can do your bit over over here.