We hold special relationships with a number of coffee farms and Co-ops around the globe, and work with Trade Aid to source some pretty unique coffees. Our relationship with Trade Aid ensures we are supporting producers and their local communities in coffee growing countries worldwide. Through choosing our coffee, you are choosing to support and empower farmers, workers, their communities and protect the environment.

Some of the origins we source our coffee from include:
Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru and Tanzania.

We have a range of Fair Trade blends and single origin coffees that are available in supermarkets nationwide, cafes and through our e-store. Blends include: Gusto, Brava and Organic. Single origins include Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Guji OCFCU, Guatemala Asobagri, Guatemala Manos Campesinas, Colombia Anei and Peru COOPARM.

We’ve covered the globe to bring the best and freshest coffee to New Zealanders.