We’ve been obsessed with coffee since opening our pioneering Wellington café and roastery in 1990. We travel the world to source our beans, then roast, package and deliver our coffee fresh through our bean stores, café partners and to supermarkets.

We pride ourselves on our quality and consistency. From our roastery to your cup, this is coffee at its most delicious.

Our Coffee Specialist, David Green, works closely with the production and roasting teams to source some of the world’s best beans. He’s a World Barista Championship judge, board member of the NZ Specialty Coffee Association and a SCAA-certified instructor. But don’t be intimidated by Dave’s qualifications, he’s an approachable guy.

As far as qualifications go in speciality coffee, they don’t get any higher than a certified Q Grader. Our Head Roaster, Kerry Murray, is one of a rare few Q Graders in the country and he knows a thing or two about coffee. He selects, samples, roasts and cups our green beans to perfection to craft L’affare’s flagship blends and develop our unique single origin brews.

Fair Trade is important to us so we buy fairly traded beans where possible from sustainable coffee estates. We have three fully Fair Trade and Organic certified blends and an ongoing range of FTO singles.

Each month Dave and Kerry source a rare or interesting bean for our Roasters’ Cup programme. Roasters’ Cup coffees are small batch roasted and available for a limited time.