Fair Trade & Sustainability

L’affare supports Fair Trade and partners with Trade Aid to support producers and their local communities in coffee growing countries worldwide. Through choosing our coffee, you are choosing to support and empower farmers, workers, their communities and protect the environment. We have a range of Fair Trade blends and single origin coffees that are available in supermarkets nationwide, cafes and through our e-store:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Guatemala Asobagri
Ethiopia Harrar
Colombia Anei

Every day we look for more ethical and sustainable ways to operate our business. We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously – striving to apply as many methods of sustainability to every facet of our operation as possible.

Like many manufacturers we have big feet, but we’re trying to make our carbon footprint smaller. We’re Enviro-Mark Gold certified and have been since 2010. It’s an independently-audited programme, helping to measure, manage and minimise our company’s impact on the environment.