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In Guatemala, the Tinamit Tolimán cooperative, established in 2018 by 30 Kaqchikel coffee producers, meticulously cultivates coffee near Lake Atitlán. They specialise in honey processing, ensuring ripe cherries, carefully drying for 5-6 days, and using shade-covered beds, emphasising quality and sustainability in their practices.

This coffee has taste notes of pink grapefruit and rasin.

Limited supply – available in 200g bags


Roasters’ Cup is our way to try new beans and put small-batch coffees, different flavour profiles & unique origins in the spotlight. We roast them light to medium to reveal interesting taste notes that growers have worked hard to develop. Our roasters work with micro-lots from growers producing green beans with unique & complex characteristics. These delicious coffees are crafted for you to expand your palate and coffee knowledge & add a little bit of adventure into your daily coffee ritual.

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