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Located to the north of the small town of Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia operates the Homa Primary Cooperative. The area throughout the farmlands is lush and green with tropical fruit hanging from the trees. Coffee from the Yirgacheffe Region has typically been washed processed coffee due to the abundance of fresh water available in this mountainous area. The Farmers of the Homa co-op choose to sun dry part of their crop in a natural process. Their meticulous picking, sorting and drying process allows them to produce a coffee that has the same clarity and clean cup that the Yirgacheffe region is famous for while being able to attain the sugary sweet flavours of natural processed coffee.

Expect apricot and light jasmine floral notes with a citrus acidity and a light ginger and cashew finish.

This coffee can be enjoyed through all brewing methods, but is best enjoyed through a Chemex or filter machine.

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